Transfer an account from another broker (ACAT)

ACATS is the Automated Customer Account Transfer service that allows you to transfer assets from one brokerage firm and/or bank to another. If you are transferring an account to QuantRiver from another broker, you will simply need to log on to your account and complete a "Position Transfer" request. There are two different types of transfers that can be done. A full (or partial) ACAT transfer generally takes between 7-10 business days to complete. All securities are frozen during the transfer process. A non-ACAT transfer (a transfer from a firm that does not participate in the ACAT system) can take up to 3 weeks to complete.
Important! No third party transfers will be processed when transferring assets between brokerage firms. Assets must be transferred between identically registered accounts (i.e. individual to individual, joint to joint, corporate to corporate, etc.)

Our Mission

QuantRiver Financial is a brokerage boutique bringing an advanced technological edge to institutional clients across the globe. Through it’s clearing firm Interacrive Brokers QuantRiver Financial facilitates:

Access to global markets
Automatic intelligent portfolio trading
Algorithmic and black box trading
Instantaneous automatic    management of multiple accounts
Risk management

Our technology solutions, combined with high-quality service, enable institutions to realize efficient execution and improved cost control.