(All services offered through clearing firm Interacrive Brokers)

QuantRiver is designed for institutions and active traders who demand market access, global trading, expertise and superior service. Whether you are large institution or an active trader we have the tools, expertise and support you demand in order to implement your trading strategies.

Market Access Technology - Electronic Platforms

QuantRiver's brokerage expertise is in Market Access Technology and we continually focus on the latest technology and trading trends.
QuantRiver offers the trading of equities, options, mutual funds and bonds. As a client of QuantRiver you will have Market Access through Interactive Broker's Trader WorkStation which offers a low-latency, feature rich market access trading system. The market platforms help to implement trading strategies which seek access to liquidity or may utilize algorithmic automated trading capabilities.

Global Execution

As a QuantRiver client you have access to the global markets. We provide clients with the ability to trade equities and bonds across most of the major global market centers.

Prime Brokerage

QuantRiver's Prime Brokerage caters to equity hedge funds, banks and asset management companies. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific objectives and help you meet your goals. This personal touch combined with a wide range of industry contacts, years of expertise, and customizable trading platforms, provide clients with a unique solution to succeed in today's marketplace.

Algorithms & Black Box Trading

QuantRiver's expertise and platform of services provides a natural fit for automated black box and algorithmic trading for institutions, including hedge funds, banks, asset management companies, and proprietary trading groups. QuantRiver's black box and algorithmic trading solution serves the institutional client's goal to automate their own trading ideas and get more efficient and competitive trading strategies.

Our Mission

QuantRiver Financial is a brokerage boutique bringing an advanced technological edge to institutional clients across the globe. Through it’s clearing firm Interacrive Brokers QuantRiver Financial facilitates:

Access to global markets
Automatic intelligent portfolio trading
Algorithmic and black box trading
Instantaneous automatic    management of multiple accounts
Risk management

Our technology solutions, combined with high-quality service, enable institutions to realize efficient execution and improved cost control.