At QuantRiver we provide customized commission schedules for our clients. Our clients have varying trading styles, from the products they trade to markets they access, and our relationship managers will work with you to create a competitive fully customized commission schedule. You benefit by having a commission schedule that makes sense, offers value and is tailored to your trading style. We are committed to building unrivalled partnerships with our clients, and believe that we succeed when you succeed. To learn more or to speak with our relationship management team, please contact Support or call us at (239)244-8787.

Market Data and Software Fees

QuantRiver clients benefit from access to personalized service, a robust trading platform and streaming market data. Costs incurred to provide certain services such as market data and software are passed through and are dependent upon usage.

Real Time Quotes Based on usage and market centers accessed (speak with your relationship manager)
Software Fees Based on software and number of users (speak with your relationship manager)

Our Mission

QuantRiver Financial is a brokerage boutique bringing an advanced technological edge to institutional clients across the globe. Through it’s clearing firm Interacrive Brokers QuantRiver Financial facilitates:

Access to global markets
Automatic intelligent portfolio trading
Algorithmic and black box trading
Instantaneous automatic    management of multiple accounts
Risk management

Our technology solutions, combined with high-quality service, enable institutions to realize efficient execution and improved cost control.